About Hebe Kombucha

Here at Hebe Kombucha, a small microbrewery located in San Marcos, CA, we craft what we call our “Nature-Infused Probiotics”. It all started in 2016 with the clear vision, to craftbrew the most authentic, highest quality and healthiest kombucha and water kefir products money can buy. Kombucha and water kefir are two probiotics beverages with a long history of human consumption and credited with numerous health benefits.

The company was founded by a Ph.D. biochemist and a microbiologist, both passionate and longtime users of probiotics. One of the company’s founders has been conducting scientific research at world- renowned research institutions for more than 10 years. Most of the scientific work, centering around function of immune cells, enzyme regulation, immunochemistry and antioxidants, was published in peer reviewed scientific journals (1). If not brewing kombucha and water kefir, Hebe’s founder and brew master enjoys teaching microbiology at a university in the San Diego area. In 2016, he teamed up with a microbiologist and experienced fermentation specialist to start Hebe Kombucha. Hebe’s co-founder brings more than 10 years of biological work experience in the biotechnology industry to the company.
The past work experience gained as a fermentation specialist at different biotechnology companies paired with professionalism in scaled fermentation techniques allows us today not only to “brew” but craft the finest, highest quality probiotics products for our local “probiotics community”.

Both founders not only share their longtime passion for probiotics but also their dedication to science, respect for old traditions and their awe for the gifts of Nature. Our “Nature-infused” kombucha and water kefir beverages we craft here at HebeKombucha are the result of our deep conviction that maintenance of good health and wellbeing starts with quality diet. We thrive to blend old tradition with modern scientific knowledge to create the nutritionally most valuable beverages on Earth. We only use filter-purified, clean water, certified organic fruits, organic fruit juices, organic herbs, and quality controlled cultures to craft our kombucha and water kefir products in our modern, 3,000 sft production facility.

We at HebeKombucha recognize that in order to live our lives to reach our fullest potential we need good health. And being healthy and sustaining good health has a lot to do with us making the right choices. Of all the choices we have to make every day, the type and quality of food we choose is the single most important one. Science tells us that people who have access to not only proper shelter, fresh air, clean water, and good medicine, but equally important, to good nutrition, are healthier and ultimately live longer. As an old Chinese saying goes:

“Medicine cures three tenth,
diet cures seven tenth…”

Every day we indeed all do have a choice regarding the type of food we select, the quantity of food we eat, the quality of food we are seeking, and the ingredients we are looking for. This is where the “probiotics” idea and ultimately kombucha tea and water kefir arrive as two powerful probiotic nutritional choices. Over the last couple of years, science has given us deep insights into the many beneficial effects of probiotics against various diseases, especially diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Many scientific studies strongly indicate that regular consumption of probiotics can make a significant difference in both treating and alleviating the symptoms associated with many human diseases, ranging from diabetes, Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. Being both all natural brewed probiotics beverages, our kombucha and water kefir products offer a healthy, affordable, nature flavored and enjoyable dietary choice to your life.

We are not just another Kombucha company. We are the other Kombucha company. A company which prides itself to fuse the nutritional and spiritual wisdom of the ancients with the powerful knowledge of modern science into the process with which we craft brew our two superior quality probiotics beverages kombucha and water kefir.

Cheers to Wellbeing!