Welcome to Hebe Kombucha

Hebe, the ancient Greek goddess, is said to have served a mythical beverage called nectar to the Olympians. According to legends this beverage helped to maintain their youth and immortality. We have not found the secret recipe to make nectar, but we do know how to craft brew extraordinary probiotic beverages offering plenty of healthy benefits serving your wellbeing.

Here at Hebe Kombucha we pride ourselves when fusing the nutritional and spiritual wisdom of the ones who came before us with the powerful knowledge of nutritional science to craft brew and compose the highest quality health beverages. We do this by only using carefully selected, all natural, only certified organic, all quality ingredients for our brews. No synthetics. No extracts. No food coloring dye. No gimmicks. No nutritional short cuts.

So go on and select from our line of kombucha crafts, kombucha beverages and sports drinks. Go on and follow the Hebe way. The path towards better health and wellbeing!

Our Family of Products and Offerings

Here at Hebe Kombucha we believe that good nutrition improves wellbeing and that feeling well starts with quality food. We offer a variety of hand crafted kombuchas, kombucha beverages, water kefir and delicious pure pressed juices which are all made from certified organic berries and fruits harvested, juiced and bottled by local growers and by Obsthof Stockinger.

Family of products

Our Commitment to Quality, Health and Wellbeing

The company was founded in 2016 by a Ph.D. biochemist and a microbiologist, both passionate and longtime users of probiotics. Both started the company with the clear vision to craft the most authentic, finest quality kombucha and water kefir money can buy. Committed to its origins, unadulterated, pure, brewed to perfection!

We at HebeKombucha recognize that in order to live our lives to reach our fullest potential we need good health. And being healthy and sustaining good health has a lot to do with us making the right choices. Of all the choices we have to make every day, the type and quality of food we choose is the single most important one. Science tells us that people who have access to not only proper shelter, fresh air, clean water, and good medicine, but equally important, to good nutrition, are healthier and ultimately live longer.

What is Kombucha?

Kombucha tea (or simply kombucha) is, like beer, cider or wine, a fermented beverage. But compared to beer, cider or wine, kombucha (and water kefir for that matter) contains almost no alcohol and – kombucha is a truly probiotic beverage. Probiotic means that the final kombucha product contains millions of live microorganisms and derived microorganismal byproducts, most namely vitamins, amino acids, enzymes and organic acids, offering a myriad of “probiotic” health benefits. Because kombucha is made by fermenting natural tea leaves, which are naturally rich in caffeine, kombucha is a naturally caffeinated and slightly carbonated energizing drink.

What is Water Kefir?

Water kefir is the lighter, probiotic cousin of dairy kefir. Instead of milk, water kefir is made by fermenting cane sugar and certain fruits, to create a delicious, light, naturally sparkling probiotic beverage. Instead of fermenting the lactose sugar found in milk, the water kefir cultures ferment the cane sugar and the sugars found in fruits into lactic acid and other health beneficial organic acids.

Why pure pressed organic fruit juices?

To give a good answer to this question, it is a good idea to have a look at the science. To begin with. While one can’t tell a difference when looking at an apple grown organically or grown conventionally, i.e. with the use of synthetic pesticides or herbicides, things become quite different when doing a bit of chemical analysis. Several scientific studies clearly indicate significant differences between conventional food and organic food products. Differences which turn out to be in favor of organic food, especially with respect to levels of certain health beneficial phyto-compounds and levels of pesticide, herbicide and heavy metals residues.

What’s new at Hebe Kombucha?

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